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As the saying goes “one-third use, seven support” this sentence on the putty powder mixer applies equally, correctly, can effectively extend the service life of putty powder mixer.
Buy a new electric car, cell phone, etc., sales Chamber of Commerce asked us how to charge, so that the battery can only durable, then the customer to buy the new putty powder mixer, how to properly use to extend its service life? I want to extend the life of putty powder mixer, you first need to putty powder mixer to do daily care and maintenance work, putty powder mixer regular maintenance and inspection

Correct use putty powder mixer, to extend machine life, improve the efficiency of the machine, but also can improve the yield of putty powder, putty powder mixer and some just completed the installation of the customer often eager to production, but ignores some new clothes putty powder mixer first attention to the needs, following a brief time when speaking about the use of putty powder mixer used for the first time a few things to note:
1, putty powder mixer supply voltage should be between 360-400V, ensure that there is a three-phase four-wire power supply, the zero line to secure.
2, you must first start feeding when the hoist is not heavy start, otherwise it will cause motor damage.
3, multi-ribbon putty powder mixer according to the mixing time required to determine the time. (300 for 10 minutes to 15 minutes; 1000 500 and stirred for 15 minutes to 20 minutes).

Note putty powder mixer to keep in mind is the specific maintenance work must be done:
1, according to the use of putty powder mixer bearing components lubricated periodically, gearbox lubrication with reference to its product description.
2, regularly check the seals putty powder mixer machines found tainted slurry seals should be checked at the quality.
3, regular checks of fastening putty powder mixer shovel sheet, if loose should be tightened.
4, regular checks putty powder mixer electrical control system is good contact and dried.
5, after long-term use putty powder mixer, a ribbon mixer and mixing tube to wear, adjust or replace wear.
6, putty powder mixer during stirring Never put your hands and the stick was inserted into the barrel to avoid danger

All in all, putty powder mixer only the correct operation and reasonable care to ensure the device is working properly, yield stability, thereby prolonging the life of the machine, you create more profit.