Concrete pump (HBT 80-13-90L/ HBT 90 / HBT 80 / HBT 70 / HBT 60)

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With the advanced technology of electric motor concrete pump in the world, Zhengzhou Sincola integrates with the improved experience and product concept to meet the requirement of high efficiency and low consumption of modern construction.



  • parameterHBT15-5-22HBT20-6-30HBT30-8-
    Conveying capacity
    (low pressure)m³/h
    Conveying capacity
    (high pressure)m³/h
    Max pump conveying pressure5681313/1611
    Hydraulic typeOpen typeOpen typeOpen typeOpen typeOpen typeOpen type
    Power typeEelectric engineEelectric engineEelectric engineEelectric engineEelectric engineEelectric engine
    Rotary Speed148014801480148014801480
    Distributing valve typeS valveS valveS valveS valveS valveS valve
    Oil cylinder size100100100125125/140160
    Conveying cylinder size200200200200200200
    Switch of high and low pressureNONONOYESYESYES
    Hydraulic Oil tank volume (L)150200460580580800
    Volume of hopper0.30.350.
    Loading height(mm)110011001280138013801430

    Diesel Engine Concrete Pump Specifications

    Conveying capacity(low pressure)m³/h9096989898
    Conveying capacity(high pressure)m³/h6153635555
    Conveying pressure(low pressure)Mpa87.59.21010
    Conveying pressure(high pressure)Mpa11.813.615.61818
    Hydraulic system pressure Mpa3232323232
    Switch of high and low pressureautoautoautoautoauto
    Fuel tank capacity ml190190260260260
    Power KW140176176176181
    Rotary Speed r/min22002200220022002200
    Hopper Volume m³0.
    Hydraulic Oil tank volume L600600600600600
    Conveying distance(φ125)mHorizantl/Vertical860/200860/210960/250960/260960/260
    Diameter of Cylinder without bore mm125150140150150
    Diameter of Cylinder bore mm8010090100100
    Diameter of Concrete cylinder230230200200200
    Cylinder push distance mm16001600160016001600
  • Applications Of Concrete pump

    With the advanced technology of electric motor concrete pump in the world, Zhengzhou Sincola integrates with the improved experience and product concept to meet the requirement of high efficiency and low consumption of modern construction. The hydraulic system adopts double-pump double-circuit, and the pumping unit adopts the original high-pressure and large displacement variable oil pump. The product is widely used in urban construction, water conservancy, and tunnel construction.

  • Composition Of Concrete Pump

    1.Power system
    Hydraulic oil pump: Germany Rexroth or Japan Kawasaki are adjusted.
    Electric Mortor: Domestic famous brands.
    The main power could be adjusted by the users.
    2.Electronic control system
    Japan Mitsubishi Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) electronic control system.Main electric elements are imported original Schneider, Siemens, OMRON, LG etc.The control mode: manual operation and wireless remote controlHumanity and intelligent electronic control system optimizes the person-machine interface.8-digital pumping time accumulation timer provides exact data for the user, Automatic anti-pump function and optimized program design. Automatic trouble monitoring function.
    3.Hydraulic system
    The unique open hydraulic system and hydraulic cushion technology contribute to the smaller exchange impact and less heat of the system. Meanwhile, with the famous brand of main pump and hydraulic valve, the safety and reliability of the concrete pump are guaranteed.

  • Composition of Concrete Pump

    4.Pumping system
    Pumping displacement variable adjustment: Change the pumping displacement according to the construction to meet the requirement of the condition.Reducing design of the hopper could release the reducing pressure of the concrete into the delivery pipe maximally, and prolong the service life of the S pipe outlet.
    5.Lubrication System
    The patented central automatic lubrication system comes with a piston grease-pump, features high pressure and reliability, which can realize automatic lubrication of piston. The filters at the outlet and the inlet of oil ports as double protections guarantee the system reliability.
    6.Cooling System
    Compulsory air-cooled heat exchanger keeps the temperature of the hydraulic oil below 60℃,that ensures the whole hydraulic system works at normal status.

    1. Automatic lubrication system ensures long successive running of the concrete equipment.
    2. High-quality parts and spare parts electronic list makes the selection accurate and fast.
    3. Global purchase: select the parts of the international famous brands for the equipment.
    4. Adopt three-dimensional design, finite-element analysis to the machine and key structure parts, obtaining higher safety performance.
    5. The inhalation efficiency is 95%, higher 10% than the industrial average level and 15% than the national standard.
    6. Intelligent electronic control system and the technique of diesel engine speed governing automatically controlled by the computer are energy efficient and environmental friendly .