Double Cylinder Mortar Pump

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MORTAR PUMP with Double cylinder and double acting is widely used for its convenient maintenance, high working pressure and high efficiency, working reliability, compact structure etc. it can be used not only for grouting cement mortar and sand mortar, combined with accessories such as compressor and spraying gun, it is also ideal equipment applied in spraying. It is widely used for grouting in mine gallery, rail and road tunnel, hydropower construction, slope consolidation, underground engineering, subway and civil engineering etc.



  • Model:SG6050
    Output60 L/min
    Cylinder Diaφ 90 mm
    Working Pressure5.5 MPa(55bar)
    Piston stroke145 mm
    Piston Speed82 /min
    Inlet diameter75 mm
    Outlet diameter50 mm
    Max. Aggregate. size5 mm
    Cement/Sand≥ 1/3
    Hopper Volume160L
    Conveying Dist.50-120m
    Power7.5 kW
    TransmissionHydraulic drive
    Overall Dimensions1400× 650× 920 mm
    Weight800 kg
  • Introduction Of Double-cylinder Mortar Pump

    SG6050 Mortar Pump is a double-cylinder single-acting piston pump, with the advantages of compact structure, reliable operation, low fault rate, convenient cleaning and maintenance, and high-pressure pump etc.

  • Applications Of Double-cylinder Mortar Pump

    Mortar Pump is mainly applied for pumping or grouting mortar or the similar material.and always used for tunnel, mining project, dam, foundation engineering of big bridge and high-rise building, and the different kinds of underground engineering etc.

  • Features of Double-cylinder Mortar Pump

    1.Double-cylinder single-acting piston pump;
    2.Directional-control ball valve;
    3.Hydraulic drive;
    4.Integrate pump head and hopper; prevent educstion and deposition together with the paddle agitating ;
    5.Compact structure, convenient for maintaining;