Electric control

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High performance automatic touchscreen control cabinet : First class machine fabrication technology and strict quality control…




  • Electric control strength of electrical isolation design, more safe and reliable;
  • 19 " large touch screen display , easy to operate;
  • the use of imported MITSUBISHI PLC program control , easy to modify and switch the recipe;
  • high-performance drive , automatic batching accuracy ;
  • Scale of the seismic structure , suitable for industrial field ,mature program design; stable and reliable,
  • boot from the diagnosis, fault diagnosis, reducing downtime;
  • production control according to the need to achieve automatic , semi-automatic and manual mode ,using high quality components , high reliability.



  • 1.Electric control The pneumatic pressure vessel is combined with function of auto-weighing.
  • Simple and flexible arrangement , save factory area.
  • High performance dust collection system, no dust flying, eco-friendly.
  • Low energy consumption, low noise.
  • Auto-control, console, touch screen, PLC (Famous brand) .
  • High accuracy, easy operation.
  • Low cost.