Frequented Asked Questions For Wall rendering/plastering machine

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FAQ of Automatic Rendering Machine:

  1. What is the advantage of the gear rack type (SRM5,SRM6,SRM7) and the stainless steel rope type (SRM4) ?

-Gear rack driving system enable output of main power is more peaceful and stable, so the wall is more smooth.;The gear rack machine install is very easy, can save time; Gear rack type has almost no after sale problems because it is updated from SRM4 type.


  1. Whats the difference of SRM5, SRM6 and SRM7?

-There are no essential differences, just on request of different customer’s different demand:
1. SRM5 can Render From 2mm to 4.5m, rendering width can be 800mm; 1000mm

and 1200mm

  1. 2. SRM6 can render from 0mm to 4.5m, rendering width can be 1000mm;
    3. SRM7 is updating type of SRM5, has same technical parameters of SRM5


  1. What is the ratio of the raw material?Do I have to use ready mix cement, sand and water for this machine? Do you have wet mortar mix machine?

Cement: sand=1:2

Yes, this automatic rendering machine can’t mix the cement, sand and water, which should be mixed by manual or other mortar mixer machine

If you need to mix cement+sand+water by machine, we have wet mortar mixing machine to recommend


  1. Whats the rendering thickness of the machine? Can Iadjust and control the thickness?

-Rendering thickness from 2mm-30mm, it can be adjust.

-We use newest Infrared laser leveling way to instead of Making point by manual,just adjust the position of the Infrared laser, making rendering machine far from the wall 2mm to 30mm.


5.If I want to rendering 3m, 4m, 5m wall, does one set machine be OK ?

Yes,we will send you 20cm,40cm,60cm,80cm ,2m uprights of different length to you after you bought, So you can choose upright according to the height of the wall.


6.If the wall height is more than 5 meters, what should do?

Generally speaking, This machine’s standard is for less than 5meters, if more than 5meters, please tell us in advance, we need to special manufacture it for you.


7.Does it can be adjustment for render width ?

We have different models with width of 80cm,100cm,120cm, but for one machine,the render width can not be adjusted.


  1. Is there some gaps between one time rendering from another time rendering?

Max. gaps is only 1-2mm, workers can plaster it smoothly by manual


  1. While rendering machine working from up to down,can it be able to press the wall again?

Yes, vibrating motor work to fix and press the mortar on the wall again


10.Does this machine can render roof ?

Sorry, auto render machine is only for render internal wall,can not for external wall or roof,

If you want to spray on roof, we can recommend our mortar spraying machines


11.What is the render height for one time adding mortar?

if you want to render thickness of 2cm. one time adding mortar can render 3.5meters height, When add mortar one more can reach 5meters height,


  1. Is the wall needs cement spraying process before installing a cement wall process.

No need, You just need to spray water on the wall before render , keep the wall is wet

13.Does it need render section joints flatness manually ?

No.Full Automatic .we use rendering panel which can change the angle.


  1. 14. Does it needsspecial materials in the cement mixture in order to wipe it on the wall?

No need special materials, The mortar is the same as the mortar which by manual plastering wall


15.How the machine is working when there is a window on the wall?

First let the machine stop on the top of the window, then add cement mortar, let the machine work  above the window. Then let the machine work under the window.


  1. If the wall is bend, Does the machine suitable for it?

The machine is only suitable for straight wall, If there is small bulge on the wall, you can smooth it before rendering.


  1. What is the material of the front blade ?

About the raw material of the front blade, We cooperate with phoenix hardened aluminum, it went through high hardness aluminum oxidation, to ensure the wipe board smooth  without any the working process, so can ensure the flatness of the wall


  1. How many people need to operate this kind of machine?

1-2 people


  1. What is the material of the electrical parts?

Because of the special working environment of the machine, All the parts must be able to work in vibration environments, and it need to flush after work, Because internal electrical appliances is very important.

All our cooperation partners are the world’s leading electrical companies,We select

the industry’s highest level best quality protection products. Like Wanshin of Taiwan famous brand,


20.What are the wear parts and the working life?

Steel brush,nylon wheel.working life is around 12months


21.Cycles of maintenance (daily, weekly, monthly?),

For one day .you need to add lubricating oil one time ,and clean twice .


22.Have you tested the machines before leave the factory ?

Yes, we must need to test to make sure that they are useful and safety before leave our factory