Hose Pump Plaster Machine

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Hose Pump Plaster Machine for Wall is suitable for pumping and spraying the Hose Pump Plaster Machine which is pumpable, such as cement mortars, lime plasters, gypsum plasters,, masonry mortars, insulating plasters, self-leveling floor screeds etc.



  • Model


    Rated Output

    30 L/min

    Rated Working Pressure

    3 MPa

    Total Power

    4.5 kW

    Main Electric Motor

    2.2 kW

    Stretch hose ID.

    38 mm

    Rated Air Output

    250 L/min

    Max.Conveying Dist.

    30 m

    Hopper Capacity

    26 L

    Loading Height

    800 mm

    Conveying Hose ID.

    38 mm

    Air Hose ID.

    13 mm

    Overall Dimension

    1400×600×800 mm


    160 kg

  • Plaster Equipment/Machinery Sprayer SHT38

    Plastering Machines SHT38 Hose Pump Plaster Machine is suitable for pumping and spraying the wet ready-mixed mortar witch is pumpable, such as Cement mortars, Lime plasters, Gypsum plasters, Masonry mortars, Insulating plasters, Self-leveling floor screeds, fireproof paint,etc.

  • Working Principle of Hose Pump Plaster Machine

    1.Working by hose pomp.pipeline broad;
    2.Measurable transportation, no refluence,transportation or spraying steady;
    3.Suction forceful;
    4.Cleaning convenient;
    5.Maintain convenient, low consume for working;
    6.Externality small.