Putty Spraying Machine

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Putty Spraying Machine use with air compressor Automatic Putty Spraying Machine use with air compressor Spraying Machine is mixing.pumping.spraying high quality putty small machinery(putty spraying machine



  • ModerSLP
    Horizontal conveying(m)1-30
    Vertical conveying(m)3-15
    Volume Capacity(L)25
    Conveying Pressure20bar/2Mpa
    Length of connection pipe50m
    Air pump0.3Nm3/min
    Weight95 kg
    Nozzle diameter3 .4. 5. 6mm
  • Description of Putty Spraying Machine

    1. To adapt Putty spraying materials: latex paint, powder paint, the effect of relief coatings, waterproofing materials, refractoriness, and so on.
    2. Can regulate the return flow of small, the size of wind pressure, spraying out the best results.
    3. In addition to the electronic control box with the switch, the nozzle can also start down, simple and easy to operate.

  • Features Of Putty Spraying Machine

    1:Using the frequency technology.to realize stepless speed regulation. By a two way rotation speed control or pressure control.flow adjustment for free.and then adjust the match with wind pressure Then transferred out of the matched air pressure .we can achieve continuously throughput and flat spraying .
    2:All of the equipment used stainless steel structure.beautiful appearance generous.flexible and convenient mobile.

  • Features of Putty Spraying Machine

    Simple, convenient and efficient