Ribbon powder mixer for Colored coating mortar

Small dry mix mortar production line is efficient multi-ribbon powder mixer, based on the increased electric loading machine, storage tank, automatic filling machine and control cabinet, which constitutes a reasonable and efficient, and convenient control simple assembly-line system. After mixing the material through the conveying pipe into the storage silos, mixers continuous feeding, continue stirring, improve production efficiency.
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Equipment does not exceed the height of 3 meters height needed to solve the traditional factory assembly line problems, but also for automatic measurement, automatic filling and more time-saving more precise. This equipment from charging to packaging form a assembly line production process, greatly improve the production efficiency, save labor, reduce production cost. It is a product of low investment, efficiency high, running fast, high return on the small powder mixing equipment. it is the ideal choice for small to medium size enterprises.


Small dry mix mortar production line Feature:

1.Small investment and best for individuals

2.Small footprint ,ordinary houses can build the factories

3.Easy to operation ,2-3 people can make it

4.High yield ,1T for every shift ,the output is 3-5T/h

5.Easy to maintenance

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Application of Small dry mix mortar production line :

dry mortar plant can manufacture the following various mortars:

1) Masonry mortar

2) Thin and smooth wall mortar

3) Hand-plastering screeding mortar

4) Colored coating mortar

5) Water-proofing mortar

6) Plaster powder

7) Wall plastering mortar

8) Ceramic tile adhesive mortar

9) Self-leveling mortar

10) Heat-preservation mortar

11) Tile grout

12) Gap filler

13) Repairing mortar

14) Putty powder

How to export Small dry mix mortar production machine?

We need to put Small dry mix mortar production machine in 20GP container, frankly speaking, one 20GP container can contain 2sets small dry mix mortar production machine

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