Welded Cement Silo

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The hopper is composed of hopper steel structure, ladder, material-transporting pipe, dust-collector, presser valve, material measuring meter, discharging valve and so on. Bulk cement silo, suitable for dry storage equipment of various categories…



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The parts of the welded cement silos are manufactured by special laser cutting and drilling technologies and they are implemented special surface cleaning procedure. The parts of the cement silos also are manufactured in sensitive production facilities with special equipments and they are painted with prime coating and final coating. The parts which are hung on automatic conveyor line , are painted in special painting cabinets. Then the parts of the cement silos are packed specially suitable for transportation.


  • Good sealing performance,With five-layer spiral crimping, the seams are very tight, and the silo is of a good sealing performance and can be used as a fumingating silo.It is also suitable for storing building material such as cement.With Seal gum embedded into spiral crimping seams, the spiral silo can store fluid material such as waste water.
  • Small area occcupancy,Height and diameter are optional in a wide range. The distance between two silos can be minimized to 600mm to make the most of available space and reduce area occupancy.
  • Long service life,Best sheets match to silo body enables a normal service life up to 25-30 years.
  • Short construction period,Highly mechanized construction of spiral silos on site, short construction period. Just eight dsys for a 2000 ton steel silo construction.


We produce steel silo with special and advanced technology. During construction, rolling sheet with width of 495mm is rolled to required shape from coil opening machine to forming machine and then is bended and bitten to screw embossed strip with width of 30mm-40mm around outside of steel silo. Inside steel silo, the stiffener is welded with embedded plates to improve the strength of steel silo;
Space structure technology is used in design of the silo framework to ensure the stability of big span, the angle is 25°with good strength.Equipment positioning: According to the diameter of steel silo, fixing the position of the equipments;

  1. Rolling silo: After fixing the position of the equipments, rolling silo to 2m high;
  2. Install silo roof: After cutting silo roof level with plasma cutter, installing the silo roof;
  3. Lifting silo: Lifting the rolling silo to required height;
  4. Fixing silo: Taking out the machines, fixing the silo with embedded plate;
  5. Installing other facility: The user design and installation of the selected form object;
  6. Will be on the loose coil winding machine loose on paper, through the coil bending machine, and the initial processing of forming the same time, the material bent in the required curvature, and then the crimping machine to bend with the good material to bite mouth, rolling forming, spiral upward through the bearing bracket lifting into the cylinder.

Welded cement silo suitable for storing bulk materials such as grains, cement, powder and fly ash. Material level system is installed in the tanks, which can show the position and quantity of the materials. The hole device can clear up hard materials from long sediment. The materials can be sent to all the positions with the combination of cement bin and screw conveyer pump. Easy installation with its characteristics of safety and reliability makes it an ideal cement bin for the concrete mixing plant.